Sunday, 7 September 2014

Farewell to Scotland the Brave.

Two things in the news have caught my eye.

An article on battered wives, where the battery is in the form of words:  and words can break your soul as surely as sticks and stones break bones.  The question on my lips is why does she not leave him? And of course there are too many answers to that question.  The answers may be formulated in terms of love, but this has nothing to do with love, it's about control.  It's about brainwashing.  It's about the constant threat, the tsunami of constant belittling demeaning,destroying words.

An article on Scottish independence, how finally, a majority of Scotland wants to leave the union.  I understand how Scotland feels.  It's a small majority but the momentum is with 'Yes'.  I too have to find a consensus between the various parts of me over when to leave a job or a home or a relationship.  Has this economic and political union called "The United Kingdom", been abusing Scotland psychologically these past four hundred years?  I can't rule it out.  Can you?

Scotland.  We wish you well.  We will always think kindly upon you and we will always love you.

Saturday, 6 September 2014

So let's get this show back on the road

I believe that in 11 days from now, the people of Scotland will vote to be an independent country.  I do not for a moment blame them.  What is the point in being part of an economic and political union (the UK) when that union is a member of a larger union (the EU)?  Surely, it is better to be a member of the bigger union directly and cut out the middleman (or middlecountry)?

And what is true of Scotland is also true of London.  We have more in common with Scotland than we do with the rest of England:
  • We believe in Social Justice
  • We believe in equality
  • We are a cosmopolitan, outward looking city.
  • We are a net contributor to the English economy.
  • Financially, we are more closely linked with New York, Frankfurt and Tokyo than we are with the rest of England.
  • Culturally, we are unique - where outside London could you see a band consisting of Djembe, Balalaika and Didgeridoo?
  • We are a successful multicultural society tha has more in common with Rotterdam or Hamburg or New York than we do with the more monocultural parts of England.
  • As people, we have stronger links to other countries than we do to England.
Let us then, begin working for an independent Free City of London.  I believe the days of massively overpopulated countries are over.  London has about seven million people, maybe an eighth of that of the UK as a whole.  That is much easier to manage democratically and make sure that all voices are heard, rather than the frankly Stalinist way England is currently dominated by an entrenched elite, kept in power by a gerrymandered system.

Let us END the power of a moribund elite based on the dead hand of tradition and instead create a new, vibrant, free London.

Who's with me, who's against me?  Can I rely on your vote for President?

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

I've been quiet for a while and I'm sorry about that.  Unfortunately, early in 2013, I was diagnosed with locally advanced prostate cancer and so have spent the past year fighting to transform myself from cancer patient to cancer survivor,  Well, next Thursday, my radiation treatment will be complete and I am confident that when it comes to the scan six weeks later, I will be cancer free.

Now I hope to make sure that politics too is cancer free.  Cancer cells seek to sequester the resources of the body for their own use, denying them to the essential organs of the body and ensuring the body's eventual destruction.  The labserverals and their cronies in the City of London and the Banking Industry generally, fit this description beautifully and it is time the cancer was excised before it can metastasize.

In the time I've been quiet, the real economy as experienced by working people has gone down the hill regardless of Gideon's protestations of economic growth.  If an economy can be said to recover when most people are worse off, then there is something wrong with the way the economy is measured.

The Guardian reports today that the crown prosecution service aims to prosecute people for stealing discarded food from a skip behind Iceland.  This illustrates how the way the economy is measured needs to be changed.  If a company fails to sell its products until they become worthless, it ceases to be an asset and should be given away.  We need to find a way of measurement that rewards this behaviour and demonises those companies that pour diesel into their skips to make the waste food inedible.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Still Early Days but...

Today, we see how essential it is that somebody other than Boris of the Blues or whoever stands on behalf of the yellow and red portions of the Labserveral Cartel.  It seems that for ten years we who use public transport in London are to be fleeced more and more in order to pay for more roads.

No doubt, these will be on the lines of the Blue Labserverals' Zil lanes, built with our money but closed to us.      There is no reason for the people of London to pay more and more of their wages for the privilege of going to work.  Those of us in the public sector have our wages frozen.  Those in the 'private' sector find their wages falling and possibly their hours as well.  And those fortunate enough still to be self-employed, see their businesses deliberately crushed by the big names who compete.

I propose something different.  The day I am elected Mayor of London, I will close the underground system and send a bill to the corporations in the City of London. It won't be a tax, it'll be good honest blackmail.  They don't pay tax, but there's no reason they shouldn't pay yours and my fares everyday instead of just on New Year's Eve when most of us already have a ticket anyway.  Then the fares can be zero, oyster can be scrapped, and we can go back to being anonymous and untraceable as we move through our own city.

Sure, they can move to Frankfurt if they wish and so I will be talking to the mayors of New York, Paris and Frankfurt with a view to the whole world making the same decision at the same time.

We note already that the tube often closes at the weekend when people would wish to use it for having fun rather than going to their place of daily drudgery.  It follows that the tube is not for our benefit but that of our employers. Well than, let them pay for the infrastructure, not us.

Vote Edwards (Independent) for Mayor of London in 2016.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

After a Week, nothing has changed...

Or has it?

Well, firstly, I work as a public servant, and so, on Thursday 10 May, I joined a quarter million of my colleagues in industrial action against an attempt by our government to place an extra tax burden on my shoulders.  I was on a picket line and at one point, we became a mass picket under the terms of Public Order legislation introduced during the rain of the evil one.  Of course, nobody came to arrest us because, for once, the Police were taking part in public demonstrations as well.

The sad thing about it was, the youngest person on the picket line was, as far as I could see, aged about fifty.  I hope this doesn't mean that, when we fade away, nobody will replace us on the picket line.  I hope there are other forms of action that will capture the imagination of the young and they too will take to the barricades as the young are supposed to.  Well, I can dream can't I?

But, I'm not standing for mayor to encourage the young to protest.  That's a separate issue althoguh I have to say, if I become mayor, and I mess up (as any honest politician if such a thing existed will tell you is inevitable) then I hope they'll protest against me and I hope I have the good grace to step down.

As well as striking, this was also the week in which I came close to getting my new band together.  This is an important part of my strategy because any opportunity to gain an audience is something to be embraced, not spurned.  I'll tell you more about the new band when details are firmer, but in any case, rest assured, it's part of the arsenal I will bring to bear in my attempt to take city hall.

And of course, any publicity is good publicity, so, in a shameless attempt to get on TV, I'll be having an audition to get on Mastermind soon.  Wish me luck?

Monday, 7 May 2012

So, let's see if I can master paragraphs shall I? With proper paragraphing, I can produce a nice handy list of reasons I want to be mayor of London. It can form the basis of my manifesto.  


Decisions the police make about what laws to enforce and what not to enforce are political decisions. They can find a half a dozen policemen on overtime to raid a flat in the wee small hours, terrorise children and then produce a warrant under the Misuse of Drugs Act while at the same time they are unable to prevent the same houses getting burgled, nor even provide enough police to damp down the Tottenham riot before it happened, even though not expecting it would show a criminal error of judgement. So, I want to be the one making those decisions, and I want to make sure those decisions are made in the interests of London's working people.  

Public Transport
I live in Tottenham and work in Southwark and overwhelmingly I find myself with the choice of spending more than I can afford on the tube, taking a slow bus journey or even walking to work (which takes three hours) rather than the two on the buses. The buses often wait at stops "to regulate the service", change destination in mid journey, or sometimes simply don't arrive at all. If I am mayor, I will ensure that buses are more predictable and that they are better places to be. As for the tubes... well, I will close the tube network until businesses in central London agree to fund it entirely through a levy. After all, they already avoid paying tax, so they can afford it.  


London is a vibrant cultural hub, providing spectacle for the whole of the World. Unfortunately, publicity tends to be about the big-ticket events, attractions, or venues . I would like to change that, bringing tourism to the wider range of smaller attractions, events and venues that London offers.

Are we thinking on a similar wavelength? Then follow me. Help me take City Hall in 2016, ready to return London to those who love her.

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Day One - supporters 4

My name is Alcuin Edwards and last night, I decided that I wanted to become Mayor of London. I have no idea how to do that, but I intend to find out over the next four years, and in the process, gather supporters ready to take on the big boys of the Labserveral Cartel, the Greens and the Far Right (and Far Left too for that matter but at the moment as London is concerned, there is no competition from that diresction for the time being). So. It's not something we decide every day now is it, so why do I want to stand for Mayor. The reasons go some way to developing a manifesto so here goes. First of all, as a London voter, I was faced with a group of candidates, none of which I could support wholeheartedly and added to that, the knowledge that, rather than a single transferrable vote, we in London get the abortion known as an alternative vote, where for the second round, only the first two (who we knew would be Ken or Boris) would be counted. It might as well have been first past the post with a choice between Ken and Boris. I wanted another choice. Secondly, there's the old joke, a conservative is a revolutionary who has nopt yet had his front door kicked in by the jackbooted thugs we pay to fight our imaginary "wars" against drugs, against "terror", against "dangerous dogs", against the poor agaisnt the disabled, against anyone who isn't a member of the club of privilege that sits at the top of our society. My door was kicked down two years ago while police were looking for non existent drugs after having "intelligence" that my stepson was a dealer. They found nothing, they apologised, but that doesn't fix my front door. And now, this week, they kicked down a door near me and handcuffed a twelve year old girl, "justifying" the raid on the grounds that they found a grinder that had been used to grind cannabis. If the police can justify a raid on the grounds that someone on the premises USES drugs, then they must raid EVERYONE who ever smoked a joint. Now here, I admit to an admiration of the late Robert Jasper Grootveld, one of the founders of the Dutch provo movement, whoa rranged coach trips to Belgium just so that the police could be embarrassed and the Dutch anti-drugs laws become untenable. I propose that we get as many people as possible to grow COFFEE in their attics and basements and make sure the press are there when these micro-plantations get raided, which they will. But there's more. London is wonderful. It's the only place in the world where you could see a band playing didgeridoo, bongos, Chinese violin and marimba. How beautiful is that? I want to encourage diversity in art, but more than that, i want to encourage artists that have little or no money and make their art without major grants and the like. Instead, let us make sure that galleries like the Palatine, or Stoke Newington International Airport in Dalston, indie radio stations like and small independent venues that put on five bands a night for a fiver get the recognition they deserve. They all go toward making London the most vibrant city in the world. This is a beginning. If you like what you read, follow me, help me, and between us, we can take City Hall by storm.